The history of
the beverage can

The beverage can was invented in the USA in the early 1930s. And still today the beverage can is interesting and for us the number 1 for filling beverages. Would you also like to have your beverage filled in cans? Write us a message, use the product configurator, or simply call us. Our experts are there for you.


Soft drinks in tin cans

The Easy-Open-End (or Ring-Pull) was introduced.


Cans in vending machines

Soft drinks in tin cans were first dispensed in vending machines in 1961, joining the glass bottle and paper cup vending machines.


Lighter, better - aluminium!

The first aluminium beverage can was produced by Reynolds Metals Company in 1963. Royal Crown adopted the aluminium can in 1964, and the major cola brands followed in 1967.


A stay-on can closure has several advantages. The tabs are no longer thrown into the environment, and the risk of cutting one’s finger when opening is reduced by the “stay-on tab”.