We promise you the quality
that consumers demand.

Quality is what makes the difference for the consumer. That is why we are constantly working to improve the level of quality now and in the future. We continue to be guided by high national and international standards.


Transparent quality

With our IFS Food certification, we assure our customers and suppliers of a high level of quality and safety in our processes and products. The certificate is internationally recognised. The IFS standard is a food safety standard developed by German, French and Italian trade and retail organisations. The standard is primarily aimed at suppliers to retailers in the food industry and is intended to ensure the quality and safety of the food chain.

Just like the BRC standard, the IFS is a combination of HACCP, quality management, GMP, customer orientation and various equipment requirements.


Quality standards
explained simply & briefly.


Halal means clean in Arabic. Halal is a term that indicates what is permitted.

Haram means “impure” or “forbidden”. This refers not only to food but also to our actions as humans. DICO Drinks is a company where you can be sure that it operates according to the right “conditions”.

We can say with certainty that the ingredients, but also the actions of the staff in relation to the products and the process, are carried out correctly.


The word kosher means that the food and the ingredients used to prepare it are approved for consumption by Jewish consumers.

In Judaism, there are certain rules for eating. The best known of these are:
– No dairy or meat products in any food, dish or meal.
– The prohibition of eating certain animals or products derived from these animals.
In practice, this means, among other things, that the raw materials for a certain food must be assessed and certified, and of course the food itself.

These and other regulations have a wide scope, including the facilities where the food is produced or stored.

Our experts will be happy to tell you more about this in relation to our production process.

Organic control

The German Bio-Siegel as a trademark-protected sign can be used together with the EU organic logo for the labelling of organic food. Every product labelled with the organic seal must be registered with the Bio-Siegel Information Centre before it is placed on the market. It must also comply with the graphic requirements of the Organic Labelling Ordinance.


DICO Drinks works continuously on the quality of its services and products.
We do this ourselves, of course, by constantly demanding the highest possible level of quality from ourselves and all our suppliers. In addition, we monitor this externally by having ourselves regularly audited by various inspection bodies. By involving these independent parties, we remain transparent and provide an additional guarantee for the food safety and sustainability of our products.

EKO stands for organic food. This means: food that has been produced according to the European regulations for organic farming. And EKO stands for more. Special standards have been developed for the holders of the EKO quality label: the EKO standards.