Responsibility and
success go hand in hand

Because sustainability and responsibility are so important, we pay a lot of attention to this topic. At Dico Drinks, sustainable growth is at the centre of our business strategy.

Our commitment to sustainability is key to living by our values and realising our corporate vision: We strive for a green future, a future where sustainability shapes the planet’s future for the next generation. We work passionately on this.

Sustainable growth is at the centre of our business strategy.

We have opted for a long-term sustainability strategy: Pure drinks + Pure Planet + Pure People. In doing so, we reaffirm our specific goals and are striving for zero carbon emissions by 2025 by introducing new lines, new logistics and a sustainability approach that is exceptional in our industry.

With our new sustainability strategy, we are committed to a future in which we reduce the impact of DICO Drinks in key environmental areas – carbon, waste and water.

We do not want to waste
valuable raw materials

That’s why companies and governments are working towards a circular economy. Products and raw materials are reused as much as possible. The waste then serves as the raw material for a new product.