Metal packaging
in a circular economy

We don’t want to waste
valuable raw materials

For this reason, companies and governments are working on a circular economy. Products and raw materials are reused as much as possible. The waste then serves as raw material for a new product (see circular economy).

Metal packaging is an essential part of the circular economy because tin can be endlessly recycled without losing its properties or qualities.

At a glance

Chain economy with recycling

Linear economy

Circular economy

By recycling metal, we save 70% of the energy in steel production and 95% in aluminium production.

The basis of tin. The ore bauxite is needed for the production of aluminium packaging. The aluminium compounds contained in the bauxite are dissolved with lye. This produces alumina. Together with scrap, this is the most important raw material for aluminium packaging.

By recycling scrap, significant savings can be made in the use of iron ore, coke (processed coal) and coal to produce new metal.